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Sunday, March 22, 2015

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Friday, May 9, 2014

Enjoy holidays on today Friday, May 9, 2014

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day May 09, 2014 - May 11th is military spouse appreciation day....?

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day May 09, 2014! Military Spouse Day or Military Spouse Appreciation Day is celebrated on the Friday before Mothers Day in the United States.

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day May 09, 2014 - May 11th is military spouse appreciation day....?

Happy Moscato Day May 09, 2014 - Moet or Moscato for Valentines day?

Happy Moscato Day May 09, 2014! Ingredients, Inc.Celebrate Moscato Day Celebrate Moscato Day: Moscato

Happy Moscato Day May 09, 2014 - Moet or Moscato for Valentines day?

Happy Lost Sock Memorial Day May 09, 2014 - does anyone know of some weird holidays?

Happy Lost Sock Memorial Day May 09, 2014! Lost Sock Memorial day Lost Sock Memorial Day

Happy Lost Sock Memorial Day May 09, 2014 - does anyone know of some weird holidays?

Happy National Moscato Day May 09, 2014 - National Moscato Day Logo

Happy National Moscato Day May 09, 2014! Gallo Family Vineyards and National Moscato Day: Thursday #gno ... National Moscato Day Logo

Happy National Moscato Day May 09, 2014 - National Moscato Day Logo

Happy Occupational Safety and Health Professionals Day May 09, 2014 - How to get Training and work as a Safety Professional in Calgary, Canada?

Happy Occupational Safety and Health Professionals Day May 09, 2014! Health & Safety Degree Fully Online Safety Programs. Open Enrollment. Textbooks Included

Happy Occupational Safety and Health Professionals Day May 09, 2014 - How to get Training and work as a Safety Professional in Calgary, Canada?

Happy Child Care Provider Day May 09, 2014 - What do you think when your child care provider takes a day off?

Happy Child Care Provider Day May 09, 2014! Child Care Provider Trusted Child Care Services. Call Us in St. Louis for More Details.

Happy Child Care Provider Day May 09, 2014 - What do you think when your child care provider takes a day off?

Happy "Fintastic Friday May 09, 2014 - #1. Your signature, and your

Happy "Fintastic Friday May 09, 2014! Lunch at TGI Fridays Two Items, Paired For The Perfect Lunch. Starting At $6.99.


Happy National Special-abled Pets Day May 09, 2014 -abled Pets Day - Most differently-abled pets

Happy National Special-abled Pets Day May 09, 2014! Disabled Pets Day Search for Disabled Pets Day Look Up Quick Results Now!

Happy National Special-abled Pets Day May 09, 2014 -abled Pets Day - Most differently-abled pets

Happy Giving Sharks A Voice Day May 09, 2014 - ahm, can you give me movies with such a nice teen age story?

Happy Giving Sharks A Voice Day May 09, 2014! WhaleTimes SeaBed ~ Whales, dolphins, sharks, penguins and more Giving Sharks A Voice

Happy Giving Sharks A Voice Day May 09, 2014 - ahm, can you give me movies with such a nice teen age story?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Friday, December 14, 2012

We tested: MK802 + Android 4.0 Mini PC [Installation Guide]

These days of new technological peaks and breakthroughs in computing, in the center stage of technology today are different smartphones and tablet computers expensive, from the side, slowly sneaking them cheap PC mini computers, saving hundreds to thousands of dollars potentially different solutions for home computing.

If you ever thought that your size two fingers can make you the TV home TV wise, make her the center of home media by connecting to WIFI and the ability to view videos 1080p, conduct video calls with Skype on - by running the Android operating system, to be the anchor your home office e-mail, desktop apps, and edit documents and presentations by running different distributions of Linux?

Well, this technology is still in its infancy, but already it performs all of the tasks listed above, nor does it of sufficient quality. Out of curiosity, I ordered a few days ago the tiny computer MK802 +, and use it for review.

Specifications warns Funny price 

 Cost device that can perform all the tasks listed in the previous paragraph, is $ 55 - $ 90 . The MK802 + includes:

  1. Allwinner A10 processor - which is ARM Cortex A8 processor, running at a clock of 1.5 GHz.
  2. Internal memory of 1 GB RAM - DDR3 memory.
  3. Wireless Connectivity - WIFI 802.1b/g/n. Wired Connectivity - USB adapter support to the LAN.
  4. USB adapter support to the LAN.
     USB port, includes support for USB hub to connect wired mouse and keyboard, and webcam, supporting 2.4 GHz receiver connection to connect wireless mouse and keyboard, support for USB Host - portable memory access.
  5. 4GB of internal memory, Micro SD Slot - increasing the storage device by memory card.
  6. Graphics processor OpenGL ES2.0 - AMD Z430 / OpenVG1.1 - AMD Z160 three-dimensional display
  7. Support in-Flash, HTML5, Full HD 1080p/2160p.
         Mini HDMI port to connect the screen / TV.
What's in the box? MK802 + tiny computer, power cable, USB HOST, USB mini cable to connect the PC cable, Mini HDMI to HDMI.

Operating system 

The device comes with Android OS 4.0.4 (built-in support in Hebrew), but of course, like any good Android devices, there's an alternative. I installed it cooked Uberoid Rom 1.2, but you can install and run it well CyanogenMOD 9/10 and upgrade versions of Android to Jellybean.

Installation is similar to installing Rom cooked for other devices: Installing Clockworkmod, then CM, then Gapps and Compatibility Zip to adjust the distribution device. For some reason, I now can not navigate the menu CWM using the keyboard or mouse, so I could not install it the Hseinog'n versions, but the rum cooked Uberoid doing a good enough job, until a solution to the specific model that I own.


To the computer to recognize the device, take the Mini Clip offices (curved connecting pages temporarily) and click on the Reset button located on the bottom left of the stick if you look at him supreme. Do not leave the clicking, while the button pressed plug it into the USB port on your computer.

Then, you must click several times (between 10 and 15) continuously and rapidly on the Reset button, so that the computer will detect and download appropriate drivers. Then, do the same when using the Livesuit software, and follow the wizard.

Ofcourse through Android can watch YouTube videos full HD quality with appropriate Task Manager. Severity of the MK802 is not strong enough to run multiple tasks in parallel, so to get a full viewing experience, close all the tasks running in the background before you apply the full power of the small processor. 

In summary 

Tiny computer that cost me about 210 dollars has successfully made the actions of strangers home media, running Android, introduced quality movies 1080p, running different distributions of Linux with a browser Chromium successfully, we still have video calls using Skype and a webcam, and the fact you can do with it what you want .

Consideration of approximately NIS -210, this is certainly a potential for which even larger. Soon exported devices Mini PC with dual-core processor and increased RAM memory, enabling applications to run more advanced, better quality and multitasking, but certainly this device to replace the Hstrimerim expensive (between 400 and 1,500 NIS) and can be a solution to the TV room or office, with appropriate HD splitter.

Purchase, please contact Ebay, RikoMagic, Miniand, Amazon and other online shopping networks. Price ranges from $ 50 cheap device to $ -90 expensive device. In my opinion, definitely worth it.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Music Stream Just About Anywhere

You love your music, however having the ability to concentrate to that close to anyplace is not doable. With a number of DIY comes, cloud-based music services, and a pc or mobile device, you'll be able to amendment that.

Upload Your Music to the Cloud

In order to stream your music from anyplace, you would like to be able to access it from anyplace. the simplest thanks to try this is with a cloud-based service like Google Play Music or Amazon CloudPlayer. each services enable you to transfer all of your songs. Google Play Music has the advantage of being free, however Amazon solely charges you $25 a year and can match any music you own with high-quality MP3s. this will prevent lots of your time uploading, that is very useful once you have lots of music and/or a slower upstream affiliation. however if you are willing to pay a fee, you will conjointly need to contemplate Spotify. it's going to allow you to stream any music within the Spotify assortment from the online, a desktop app, or your mobile device. If you would like to concentrate to songs Spotify does not have, you'll be able to adjust them from your mobile assortment. All the services square measure nice and have their own blessings and downsides, therefore opt for the one that suits you best.

Alternatively, if you'd rather like to roll your own choice and your home's upstream affiliation is quick enough to stream music (it most likely is that if you have got broadband) there square measure some of stuff you will do. First, you'll be able to use Plex. it's going to work on much each desktop and mobile platform and takes minutes to line up. you will simply got to produce associate degree account, tell it wherever your music is, and log into Plex where you would like to stream the music to. It will not matter if you are on the native network or sitting in your car—it'll stream either method. as an alternative, you'll be able to discovered a straightforward internet server victimisation WAMP (Windows), MAMP (OS X), or LAMP (Linux) and purpose its live directory to your music folder. Then you'll be able to set it up therefore you'll be able to access your entire assortment through an online browser. this is not quite as strong as Plex and can take to a small degree a lot of work to line up, however it is a terribly basic thanks to access your music on virtually any pc.

Sync Your Music Across all of your Devices

There are times your network activity will be restricted, or web access will not be accessible, therefore it's smart to own a range of copies of your music on all of your devices therefore you'll be able to access it despite that one you are victimisation. this is often straightforward enough if you are associate degree Apple user and limit yourself to 1 raincoat and any range of iDevices, as iTunes will handle the distribution for you. several people have over one pc, and our mobile devices do not invariably exist in Apple's scheme, therefore here's what you'll be able to do to stay everything in adjust simply.

Personally, i favor syncing my entire music assortment with Dropbox as a result of I will access it from any application program, many smartphone apps (including the official Dropbox app), and it is often on all of my computers. this feature most likely will not be free for many, as your music assortment can possible exceed the quantity of free area you'll be able to acquire (even if you are maxing out your options), however you have got different choices also. If you employ iTunes, MediaRover syncs your assortment across all of your machines. It's designed to share amongst families, however there is no reason you cannot set it up to use all by yourself, with housemates, or whomever else you reside with.

Set Up Streaming Hardware wherever you would like It

Streaming music from one device to a different, or via the online, is one issue. obtaining it to the combine of speakers you would like in your house, car, or where, is another. to induce that discovered, you will need some hardware and most of it's pretty expensive . we have a tendency to just like the Apple aerodrome specific as a cheap music streaming choice, as it's solely $99 and takes up hardly any area. The cover version appearance a lot of like associate degree Apple TV and is slightly less-convenient if you are victimisation it simply to stream audio, however the great news is you'll be able to usually notice the previous version for $15-20 less. The draw back of this hardware is that it extremely solely works with iTunes and different AirPlay-compatible devices, however iTunes {is accessible|is out there|is on the market|is obtainable|is accessible|is offered} on Windows and robot has many apps available. If you do not need to shop for a bunch of aerodrome Express', however, computers and phones work as AirPlay destinations as well—even if each are not Apple merchandise. you'll be able to merely repurpose your previous robot phone as a destination for your streaming music and avoid shopping for any hardware altogether. (You will browse a lot of concerning putting in place all of your devices for AirPlay here.)

If you'd like a special methodology, you'll be able to invariably build your own Wi-Fi radio out of a router (here's an alternate version), stream via Bluetooth to a compatible speakers or speakers attached to associate degree adapter, or hack your automobile for Bluetooth to stream there, too.

It's extremely nice to be able to simply send your music anyplace you would like it to travel, whether or not it's via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Whichever you select, relish your music and have an excellent weekend!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

King Jackpot - What with gambling and streaming

Before we start - A special offer for our United States readers : Download Otshot, a new pic software!

You probably do not aware of this, but just like the porn industry produces the greatest inventions in the streaming industry, the Gambling and money rolling online brings the best to the streaming industry as well, particularly the online wagers events...

Nowadays, the most viewed content on streaming online is sports and porn, but lets leave the second market to other blogs to cover, and lets check the sporting events online...

Depending on the web site you utilize to put your sports wagers, you’re in all probability finding it easier to look at live stream video of the matches and how on. because of enhancements in streaming technology throughout 2012 and therefore the unfold of high-speed web services, soccer gambling with live stream video is quick changing into the norm. trade giants like William Hill and Ladbrokes supply their on-line sports gambling customers live streams of matches, partially therefore these customers will keep track of the matches they’ve game and partially as a result of their competition offers live streams.

Football gambling may be a Brobdingnagian chunk of the net sports wagering market. soccer leagues exist everywhere the globe, from the MLS within the us to Germany’s Bundesliga and therefore the Greek Super League. The sheer variety of soccer matches vie on any given day contributes to the dominance of soccer gambling the maximum amount as the other issue.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

A sweet taste of streaming

 One of the largest changes within the on-line house is that the prevalence of on-line video.

It was solely a couple of years ago that simply the thought of streaming videos on the web appeared a far off reality.

Fast forward to December 2006 and on-line video is fully loaded into the matrix... Google bought YouTube for US$1.6 billion, and corporations like Metacafe pay publishers supported the quantity of individuals WHO watch their video.

Video streaming has become a little like Associate in Nursing on demand small video channel. Thousands of videos area unit currently on demand on-line with additional and additional tv content obtainable. you\'ll transfer video streams of the most recent motion-picture show trailers and notice each entertaining  video streams at the side of knowledge-based electronic seminars.

The clarity of on-line video could also be considerably but a television receiver, however what it lacks in clarity it makes up for in convenience. Video streams area unit sent by email, enclosed in blogs and area unit a key a part of most social network sites.

The legendary world of video production has been relegated to net hobbyists and also the result\'s a full new world wherever on demand customers area unit finding video gems value sharing on-line.

The use of video streaming could be a growing development with numerous completely different positive applications. Video streaming provides opportunities for people to share footage of their families with alternative members of the family. Music and diversion video streams is shared. TV shows is downloaded and best all, business is done effectively through the utilization of video streaming technology.

Another good thing about video streaming is that the sturdy potential for increased  back-links which will increase the quantity guests to your video stream. In turn, those guests might stick around to see out what you have got to supply in your on-line business.

After USA and kingdom on-line Video sites are being much widespread like India, Middle East, Singapore Etc...